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Travel to 2050

The Problem - Global warming is on the rise. And Britain’s decaying electrical grid is harming our environment.
For Britain to reach its zero emissions target by 2050, we need to replace our historic grid with a more renewable smart grid, which smart meters are the key to creating. But over 65’s aren’t interested in smart meters.

The Solution - We took something that our audience are interested in – history. We partnered with The National Trust creating an interactive time travel experience - Travel to 2050, which showed people the importance of preserving our energy grid in the same way we preserve our past.

Using a mixture of artificial reality, CGI and live feed, we transported people from present day to past, and then to the year 2050, showing them two very different futures. One where Britain has hit it’s zero emissions target. And one where we haven’t –where protected National Trust properties are being destroyed due to the threat of climate change.

Over two months, we toured three time machines around six different National Trust sites across the UK. Each experience was tailored and CGI-mapped to its precise location, making it feel as if people were looking at a window into the future.